Will the golden generation of Belgium win the World Cup trophy? – BJ Sports

And within a few days, the curtain rises on the World Cup in Qatar. Teams like Brazil, Argentina, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal will perform in the stage. Even when it comes to winning titles, these names are heard more often. But the golden generation of Belgium is not far behind. Star footballers like Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne can win the title if they shine.

Eden Hazard was seen in great form before the World Cup. Belgium coach Roberto Martinez is hoping from him. In a recent media interview, he said, “There is the issue of not getting enough time on the field, but he (Hazard) is in good form  mentally. He is ready to go on the field. I see him smiling and happy which I didn’t see six months ago.”

Hazard also talked about his getting back into rhythm. He said, “I know what I can do. Now I want to get back fit for the World Cup. I’m happiest when I’m playing. When I’m playing I give best. I’ve always said the Hazard of the past will come back when he plays. I just need to get back into rhythm. It is necessary.”

Although the players of Belgium have prevailed in different leagues of the world, they have not yet brought the title to the country. A lot of Belgian footballers have reached thirties. So if they miss the opportunity, the opportunity may not come to them again. And standing in such an equation, Belgian players will try their best to win the title.

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