Two brothers will compete in the World Cup for different countries in Qatar – BJ Sports

The World Cup has always been diverse. It is unbelievable how many amazing things happen. You may be surprised by such an incident in this year’s Qatar Football World Cup. Two brothers will be seen playing in Qatar. The biggest surprise may be that the two brothers will play for two different countries. Become each other’s opponents.

If you want to know the real story, you have to go back. Inaki Williams and Nico Williams, who went on to represent Ghana and Spain in the World Cup, have father Felix and mother Maria from the African country of Ghana. But the poverty of Inaki-Nico’s childhood caused their parents to move to distant Spain.

But their journey was not easy at all. They have traveled four and a half thousand kilometers. Where again they crossed the Sahara desert on foot in 40-50 degree heat. Felix’s feet blistered on the hot desert sand while crossing that path.

Meanwhile, even though Inaki could make a football career very quickly, Niko had to wait a long time. This defender got the chance to play for Ghana after playing well in the Spanish league. On the other hand, former world champion Spain has called forward Niko, who started professional football last year.

The incident caused a stir in football. Fans are looking forward to watching the two brothers play. Many netizens say that they are waiting to see how the two brothers play for the two teams. Who knows how much more diversity this football world cup is waiting for?

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