Panth is seriously injured in a car accident, and the cricket world is worried – BJ Sports

Rishabh Pant has suffered a terrible car accident. It is learned that his car caught fire while returning to his home in Uttarakhand from Delhi. Meanwhile, the Indian wicketkeeper himself drove the car. It is believed that the accident occurred due to the high speed of the vehicle on the foggy road. Panth was seriously injured in this incident. However

Panth himself told the police that he had fallen asleep while driving and that this accident took place. He was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Panth suffered back, head and leg injuries in the accident. This is what the hospital doctors said. However, the doctors said that he will have to undergo surgery on his head and legs. However, the local police reached the spot immediately after the accident. On reaching there, a police official said that Panth’s condition is stable. The Indian star can recover only after receiving treatment in the hospital.

The police also informed us that only Panth was in the car. He hit the divider on the road. And that’s when the car caught fire. Panth jumped out of the car but could not survive. He was injured in several parts of his body. The accident happened in the early hours of the morning and he was rushed to the hospital soon after the incident.

Meanwhile, he was supposed to return home after completing his visit to Bangladesh. But a terrible accident happened in the middle. Of course, he is supposed to be on vacation now. Because this wicketkeeper has no place in the team of the next ODI and T20 series in India. Test series against Australia in February. He aimed to prepare himself for that series.

However, it is uncertain how long Panth will take to recover. It is thought that he will have to stay out of the field for a long time. In that case, he may miss the upcoming season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Because, after recovering from the injury, he has to come back to the condition of playing matches in terms of fitness.

Meanwhile, Panth’s car accident spread panic in the cricket world. From cricketers to cricket fans, everyone is hoping for his speedy recovery. Everyone expects this explosive batsman to recover quickly and return to 22 yards off the field.

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