On the night of winning the World Cup, what other records did Messi set, including winning the Golden Ball? – BJ Sports

From 2006 to 2022, Lionel Messi has played in Argentina’s jersey in a total of five World Cups. But there was no way the little wizard of football could bring home the gold-wrapped title. Despite going to the final in 2014, the dream was shattered by losing to Germany. However, that dream was fulfilled in 2022. Messi won the World Cup at Lusail Stadium in Qatar. The Argentinian captain set another record on the night of this world victory.

Messi won the best player award on the way to bring Argentina the World Cup. Besides scoring 7 goals, he assisted 3 goals. And that’s the golden ball in his hands. With this, Messi has won the Golden Ball twice in the history of the World Cup. He also received this award in 2014. However, Messi could not win the World Cup.

Messi has led the team from the front in this World Cup from the beginning to the end. The captain scored in every round, leading the team to victory. Messi wrote a different record here. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner became the first player to score in the first round, second round, quarter-final, semi-final and final of the World Cup.

Messi is one of the 6 footballers in history who played 5 World Cups. Apart from him, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lothar Mathews, Antonio Carbajal, Andres Guadrado and Rafa Marquez have this feat. In addition, Messi’s name is associated with the record highest 21 goals in the history of the World Cup. Where he scored 13 goals himself and assisted his teammates in 8 goals.

Messi is now the captain who has led the most 19 matches in the history of the World Cup. Besides, he also holds the record of playing the most 26 World Cup matches as a player. The longest-serving footballer in the World Cup is now an Argentine football wizard. From 2006 to 2022 World Cup, Messi played a total of 2314 minutes on the field.

Messi is the only footballer in the history of the World Cup to assist in five separate tournaments. However, at this time, he also took possession of the record of scoring the most 13 goals in the World Cup for Argentina. Besides, this Argentinian star set a unique example of scoring 26 goals as the most South American footballer in the major tournament.

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