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The year 2022 is almost coming to an end. The new year 2023 will start in two days. How was the cricket of 2022? On the one hand, there was a shadow of mourning, on the other hand, there was a light in England’s cricket. The cricketing world has faced several sad events this year, but England has had a good time in cricket.

2022 is a year of mourning for cricket. Several legendary cricketers lost in 2022. Legendary Shane Warne crossed the land of no return at the age of 52. Another legend of Australia, Rodney Marsh, accepted death a few hours before his death. Before overcoming the death of these two legends, Australia received bad news again. Former Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds died in a road accident at the age of 46.

Discussion – Warne was the centre of criticism. He scored ‘Ball of the Century’ in 1993. He is the first bowler in the history of Test cricket to reach the milestone of 700 wickets. On the one hand, he has become the centre of discussion and on the other hand, he has also been criticized for various activities at different times. He was banned from cricket after testing positive for dope during his cricket career. Women lost their leadership in the scandal. But the love of the fans did not decrease for him. To fans, he was the ‘Maradona of cricket’. 2022 was the year to beat Warne.

In March this year, Warne went on a trip to Thailand with his friends. There he was lying unconscious in his villa. Later, the doctors could not bring him back after trying hundreds of times. On Marsh’s death, he tweeted, “So sad to hear of Rodney Marsh’s death. He was a legend of our great game.” And no one would have guessed that he too would pass away just hours after such a tweet.

Australia hosted the T20 World Cup this year. There, England took the title from the former champions of the World Cup at home. Welcomed Australia could not even reach the semi-finals. The two-time World Cup champion West Indies did not get a place in the Super Twelve. Hot favourites India is knocked out of the semi-finals. Even though Pakistan reached the final, England did not care. England got the taste of winning the title for the second time after defeating Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Sam Curran is spreading light on cricket for England. England’s Sam Curran became the best of the tournament with 13 wickets in the Australian World Cup. And because of this, his chance in IPL becomes stronger. Karen is also the most expensive player in IPL now. This English star is on the way to spread light there too.

England has had a very good season with the red ball. The English have left behind the nightmare of a 4-0 Test loss to Australia in the Ashes. After playing 10 Tests, the smile of victory smiled in 9. A few days ago, England won the series by defeating the hosts in Pakistan. All in all, England has had a great time. Let’s see what 2023 has in store for cricket fans.

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