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Zimbabwe (Photo Source: SRC Zimbabwe)

In the world of various versions of cricket being played, the shortest format has taken centre-stage for over two decades now. Majorly, three formats have been popular among cricket aficionados viz- ODI, Test and T20 cricket, respectively. However, the game never stops at one juncture as it keeps evolving with time, sometimes for the better and on some occasions for purely entertainment perspective. Consequently, after several T20 leagues started mushrooming across the globe, just when everyone thought that nothing further could come up, another new format called T10 started to spread its wings.

Notably, it first began from the start of the renowned Abu Dhabi T10 League, which garnered success among the fans. Thereafter, in Sri Lanka, this concept was introduced as well. Meanwhile, speaking of another cricket-playing nation and ICC member, Zimbabwe, the past two decades remained quite turbulent, with several issues creeping into their cricketing body such as salary issues, racism bias and corruption within the system came to the foray. Once a very competing team turned into minnows suddenly but this did not stop them to keep evolving.

Now, speaking of their past few years, Zimbabwe have grown their skills in the game and hoping to become a competitive side at the global level. In the same vein, the African nation is on the verge of becoming the second ICC member to launch a T10 format on a global level after having tried and tested it in their domestic circuit. This tournament will be known by the name of Zim Afro T10, which is expected to commence in August this year. The event will feature six franchises and will be played in Harare.

Notably, in what will be a historic moment for the African nation, the Zim Cyber City have tied up with the Zimbabwe cricket board (ZC) and launched the initiative yesterday. Speaking of the motive of the event, the stakeholders want to promote the country not just as a global cricketing hub but also as a prime tourist destination.

It’s an exciting format, Just 90 minutes long like a football match: Makoni

Reflecting on the latest developments, Zimbabwe Cricket’s managing director, Givemore Makoni, seemed quite pleased with the progress made thus far in the sport of cricket. Moreover, he considered the mini version of the T10 the board had executed domestically, which turned out to be an immense success as the local fans loved the concept. The prime reason that Makoni stated was that it takes a maximum of 90 minutes to complete a game just like the game of Football.

Moreover, due to the short duration, players mostly go out all guns blazing right from the word go and keep the fans involved throughout the game. Henceforth, he felt that this is going to be the next big thing in cricket moving forward after what global T20 leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL) and The Hundred tournaments have achieved. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that it will be a big thing in Zimbabwe’s evolution in the game as well. Additionally, he did not shy away from revealing that he felt lucky to witness the grand final of the Abu Dhabi T10 League and got inspired by it to bring this format into his country.

“The domestic T10 event that we had last year was a miniature version of what we are trying to do. Now the big thing is here. Those who follow cricket will realize that there are a lot of leagues mushrooming around the world. As we speak there is the IPL in India, The Hundred in England and the Big Bash in Australia,” Givemore Makoni was quoted as saying by the

“We as Zimbabwe Cricket approached Mulk Holdings to try and set up a T10 format here. It’s an exciting format, just 90 minutes long like a football match and keeps fans on the edge and I am sure with the number of crowds around Zimbabwe, it is something we can look forward to. In this format, there is the Sri Lanka T10 and the Abu Dhabi T10. I have been lucky to witness it’s final (Abu Dhabi T10) and I can tell you it’s something big which is coming to our country,” the ZC managing director further added.

Before signing off, Makoni also iterated that till now people have only watched the famous players who have been entertaining cricket fans the world over through their explosive and competitive game on the field. But this event will surely allow them to see those same cricket stars battling it out with each other right in front of their eyes.

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