How much Bangladesh earn from T20 World Cup? – BJ Sports

Bangladesh’s mission in T20 World Cup ended with a match against Pakistan. The Tigers, who participated directly in this year’s World Cup, get victory after 15 long years. Shakib Al Hasan’s team won against Netherlands and Zimbabwe among the five matches in the group stage.

In this tournament, Bangladesh had a chance to defeat Pakistan and make it to the semi-finals for the first time. But the Tigers missed that golden opportunity by getting the bitter taste of defeat to Babar Azam. However, despite not going to the semi-finals, this is Bangladesh’s best performance in their history.

The World Cup mission is over, now it’s time for reckoning. What did Bangladesh get? According to the prize money decided by ICC, Bangladesh will get 70 lakhs in Bangladeshi currency for direct participation in Super Twelve. Besides, you will get another 40 lakhs for winning each match. As a result, Bangladesh has earned about one and a half million taka from this year’s World Cup.

Meanwhile, the prize money for the champion team in this year’s World Cup is 16 crores in Bangladeshi currency. The runner-up team that loses the final will get half of the champion team, Tk 8 crore. In addition, each team that reached the semi-finals will get an equal amount of Tk 4 crore. The total prize money of the entire event is about 56 crores in Bangladeshi currency.

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