Hardik Pandya’s First Meeting With In-laws – Zaher Sports

Hardik Pandya’s First Meeting With In-laws – Zaher Sports

India’s star all-rounder Hardik Pandya has paired with many people in 22 yards of the field. But personal life, has been officially paired with Natasha Stankovic for almost a couple of years. Meanwhile, Hardik Pandya and Natasha’s house has been blessed with a son.

But surprisingly, Hardik has not met any of his in-laws these two years. Until now, Hardik’s communication with his in-laws and other household members was limited to phone or video calls only. Cricketing engagement does not give Hardik a break.

Hardik did not go to his in-laws because of his busy schedule. The busy schedule of the national team, in that gap again, the busyness of mega events like the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Gujarat Titans skipper’s 22-yard responsibilities are also increasing with age. Natasha’s parents were not able to reach the son-in-law in any way.

But now the wait is over. Hardik met his father-in-law’s family before playing in the upcoming World Cup. Hardik himself released a video of the meeting with everyone on social media. One by one, Hardik was embraced by everyone. Natasha’s entire family has gathered with her son-in-law.

It should be noted that Hardik is now resting after winning the T20 series against Australia. Not playing in the series against South Africa. He used that leisure. He met the people of his in-laws. Hardik said he was happy to feel his in-laws for the first time. It was a great moment to meet everyone at Natasha’s house.

India will leave the country for Australia to play the World Cup on October 6. This time Hardik can be India’s trump card in the World Cup. One of the cricket stars of the time is entering the field refreshed after resting in this mega event.

Hardik Pandya’s First Meeting With In-laws – Zaher Sports


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