Bangladesh’s World Cup Jersey Made By Copying The Design – Zaher Sports

Bangladesh’s World Cup Jersey Made By Copying The Design – Zaher Sports

After a few days cricket fans will enjoy the T20 World Cup. Many of the countries participating in the World Cup have already unveiled their jerseys. Bangladesh is not an exception, surprised the cricket world by unveiling the jersey. However before ending this excitement, allegations of design theft were raised about the Bangladesh jersey.

In this World Cup, Bangladesh’s heritage has emerged in Bangladesh’s jersey. The Royal Bengal Tiger came out through the gap in the Sundarbans. It is also decorated with the image of traditional Jamdani. Which is very responsive to cricket lovers.

But within a week of the unveiling, the storm of criticism started. The jersey manufacturer did not have to worry about making the Tigers jersey. The design of this jersey has been copied exactly from a picture online. Such complaints have been made about the jerseys of the national team cricketers.

Recently, a picture on Pinterest went viral on social media with which the picture of the World Cup jersey was found to be identical. According to information, the jersey design was first published on Pinterest in 2015. Which means that the company that made the jersey downloaded that image from Pinterest and put it exactly on the jersey. However, the accused company has not commented on this so far.

Meanwhile, when the issue of copying spread on social media, it went viral instantly. In the beginning, the netizens also praised Team Bangladesh’s jersey. BCB also decided to sell World Cup jerseys. But as soon as the issue of copy came to the fore, the criticism started. 

The Bangladesh Cricket Board has not yet opened up on the matter. It is also not known what kind of action will be taken if the complaint is proved. But the Bangladesh team is now in New Zealand to play the tri-nation series. After playing this series , Bangladesh will leave to play the World Cup in Australia . Whether Bangladesh plays in the World Cup wearing this jersey is a matter to be seen.

Bangladesh’s World Cup Jersey Made By Copying The Design – Zaher Sports


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