Babar Azam Survived The Death! – Zaher Sports

Babar Azam Survived The Death! – Zaher Sports

Pakistan captain Babar Azam is one of the best batsmen in the world today. But this Babar of today might not have been found if a terrible accident had happened that day.

The incident happened while playing for the Pakistan under-15 team. At that time, Babar had a terrible experience. He had to leave the net and go to the dressing room that day to survive. Babar himself said. But Babar said the whole matter jokingly.

Former Pakistan cricketer Mudassar Nazar was the coach of Babar’s while playing under-15 for Pakistan. Former pacer Shoaib Akhtar came to Babar’s training camp during the T20I series against England. Pakistani speedster Shoaib wanted to bowl to Babar after seeing Babar’s eye-catching batting in the net. Then a terrible thing happened.

About that incident, Babar said, ”Our practice was over. Shoaib Bhai has come to practice bowling. Asks Nazar, sir, to give a batsman for practice. Then sir sent me to the net. I also got very excited after listening to sir. I quickly put on the pad and got ready. ”

Reminiscing on past memories, Babar also said, ”Shoaib Bhai came to bowl and told me, ‘Child, you should only block the ball, don’t try to hit it.’ I said, ‘Ok. I stuck the first two balls. But unable to handle the temptation, I hit the next ball.’ After being beaten, Shoaib Bhai said, ‘I will bowl you at full length, don’t try to kill him. ”

Babar also said, ”Though I said yes to Shoaib Bhai’s words, In the next ball I hit again. The ball goes past Shoaib Bhai at great speed. And he was very angry at that. Shoaib Bhai said, wait, I am bringing a new ball. I’m showing you now. Then angry Shoaib Bhai left to fetch a new ball.’

About the next terrifying experience, Babar said, ”Shoaib Bhai said, I will bowl you at full length, be careful.’ But suddenly he gave a terrible bouncer. The ball hits Babar’s head. That day could have been a terrible experience. As if I came back alive from the hands of death. ”

However, Shoaib did not open up about the incident that day. That day, little Babar narrowly escaped a major injury. Babar was taken out of the net by his coach Nazar. But later Shoaib said that he bounced by mistake.

That little Babar of that day is now one of the trusted names of Team Pakistan. Pakistan is dreaming of winning the T20 World Cup under his leadership. Although was not in good rhythm in the last Asia Cup, returned to a known rhythm in the series against England. He scored a century. Shoaib Akhtar, however, advised Babar to play one down instead of opening. Babar, however, felt relieved in the opening itself. Will play in this position in the World Cup.

Babar Azam Survived The Death! – Zaher Sports


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