After the tour, the World Cup trophy now in Qatar – BJ Sports

FIFA Football World Cup is a celebration of football lovers worldwide. However, FIFA, the highest governing body of world football, does the job of increasing its level many times. That’s why the real World Cup trophy travels from one country to another. This time too, after that trip, the World Cup trophy arrived in Qatar before the start of the World Cup.

As part of the trophy tour, the gold-wrapped trophy has traveled to around 50 countries and territories ahead of this year’s World Cup. Then came to Qatar, the host country of the World Cup. FIFA World Cup Manager Nazli Barbaroglu Emshairbe and football legend Marcel Deil officially unveiled the World Cup trophy upon arrival in the country.

The custom of FIFA World Cup trophies travelling to other countries started in 2006. In that continuation, this trip started in May, from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. So that the people of the countries that do not play in the World Cup also get a chance to see the trophy. At the same time, the love for football also increases.

Meanwhile, the world-travelling golden trophy now resides with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and FIFA. The trophy will be kept here until the World Cup finals (December 18) starting from November 20. Another trophy like the original trophy, will then be awarded to the winning team in the final for football excellence.

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